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What is Insight60? 

Unprecedented events are occurring in every corner of the world and every part of society. The greatest of these still looms large on our horizon. The challenge of climate change needs to be met with serious urgency, but the solutions have the potential to transform our industry and drive us towards a more successful sustainable economy.

In a connected series of webinars with respected thought leaders and industry experts we will outline the challenge, and examine some of the many solutions that are emerging to move us in the right direction.

"What's the point of CCS?"

Suzie Ferguson, Carbon Capture Technical Lead, Wood

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, amongst others, states clearly that CCS is essential to achieving net zero. Suzie will present the fundamentals of CCS technologies and their applications while exploring the role that CCS is expected to play which grants it the status of an “essential technology”.

"The rise of cleantech" 

David Millar, Technology Accelerator Director at the OGTC

During this insight, David provided an overview of the exciting rise in cleantech companies being created and supported by the TechX Accelerator Programme in pursuit of the energy transition and a low carbon future.

"Pathways to sustainable industrial clusters"

Nico van Doreen, Director of New Business at the Port of Rotterdam

During this insight, Nico shares the latest insights and developments of the energy transition programme for the port of Rotterdam.

"There is no planet B - energy on planet A"

Mike Berners-Lee, author of the timely best seller "There is No Planet B"

This insight looks at the big challenges facing humanity in the 2020s and beyond. Mike explores implications for the energy industry, an industry that will play such a critical role in determining our future, and the characteristics of an Anthropocene-fit energy system. He looks at the opportunities for people and businesses working in the energy sector as the transition gathers pace, and what it might take to grasp you.