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Our Board

Chaired by Martin Gilbert, our Board is responsible for the overall strategic direction and long-term success of OGTC. It is responsible for making sure we have the resources, controls, and governance we need to deliver our goals.

Our Board meets regularly to review our strategies and policies and receives reports from our leadership team. It delegates to our Chief Executive Officer, who in turn delegates responsibility for specific activities to members of the leadership team. 

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Our Audit Committee

Chaired by Jeff Corray, our Audit Committee advises our Board on the effectiveness of our management procedures. It receives reports on risk, control and governance of the Centre, offers advice to the Board and monitors the resulting actions. The Audit Committee oversees the development and implementation of key policies on behalf of the Board. 

Performance reporting

We regularly report our performance against a range of key indicators to the Aberdeen City Region Deal Joint Committee, which comprises Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils and Opportunity North East.

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Download our Annual Review 2019-2020