OGTC Today

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support the oil and gas industry to develop and deploy technology to accelerate the transition to an affordable net zero North Sea.

We co-invest with industry to diversify our supply chain and create a technology led, globally competitive supply chain for our future net zero energy system. We are committed to a culture of innovation and helping to attract the next generation of engineers and scientists to our industry.


Innovation at Work

OGTC invests in partnership with industry, local and national government, and academia to address major energy challenges, working across a range of sectors from renewables to manufacturing. People and technical innovation are at the heart of what we do.

Using our skills, capabilities and commitment to a better future, we believe technical innovation can ensure that the transition to a net zero North Sea is also affordable and competitive. Delivering technology which ensures that hydrocarbon is produced in the North Sea with a net zero footprint - while also unlocking the potential of carbon sequestration, blue and green hydrogen - and supporting the growth of the renewable sector is a goal we all share. This is critical to delivering a net zero UK.

We will deliver this technology by partnering with a diverse network of stakeholders to create a culture of innovation, diversify the supply chain and unlock the full potential of a net zero North Sea.

Technology Vision

To facilitate the delivery of this transformation, we have a technology vision which reimagines the North Sea. A vision that aims to eliminate emissions from existing facilities, while also working to unlock the full potential of an integrated energy system, working in partnership with renewables and transforming the North Sea for a new and digital future. This is a combination of addressing existing activity, diversifying into new energy systems and ensuring that all of this is done with the right materials, the right integration and right control systems.

Building on Success

OGTC was created as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, with £180 million of UK and Scottish government funding to maximise the potential of the North Sea. OGTC has a strong track record of delivery, to date we have evaluated more than 1,000 technologies, invested in more than 250 projects, delivered more than 50 field trials, grown more than 25 new companies and delivered more than 20 commercialised technologies. This is a great start, but we know there is so much more to come.

Our organisation has been restructured to support this enhanced focus on net zero. Our seven solution centres have been focused on the delivery of technologies to accelerate our journey to net zero. We now have three clear programmes:

  • Emissions Reduction
  • Integrated Energy Systems
  • Offshore Energy 4.0


These programmes are in support of both our technology vision and the industry’s Roadmap 2035.

As we move with intent into developing and deploying technology for a net zero future, we will continue to: deliver our projects through our Solution Centre model; continue to grow new companies through TechX; progress partnerships with Robert Gordon University and University of Aberdeen to deliver excellence in R&D in subsea and decommissioning; while also growing our cross-sector and cross-academia network to ensure we work in the right technology partnerships to transform the North Sea.

This pivot is a continuation of the journey we started when we opened our doors in 2017. OGTC is excited to represent the technology development and deployment activity of the oil and gas industry as we transition to deliver a reimagined North Sea. This focus on net zero is in support of: Roadmap 2035, a blueprint to net zero; and the UK and Scottish government's net zero commitments for 2050 and 2045 respectively.