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Call for Ideas

OGTC's Net Zero R&D Programme helps companies accelerate their net zero technology development through funded collaboration with Scottish Universities. 

Our latest Call for Ideas in the programme focuses on Hydrogen Innovation. The deadline for submissions is Friday 14 May 2021 - Find out more below. 

Why hydrogen? 

Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier that is expected to contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of transportation fuel, industrial energy, power, and heating of buildings. However, large scale storage of hydrogen is not commercially viable and there are significant challenges associated with achieving an economically effective end-to-end hydrogen network.

This call includes hydrogen production, conversion and processing into transportable products, transportation itself, and energy conversion into end-use products. There is a need to develop economically viable solutions across the end-to-end hydrogen network as outlined in our Closing the Gap report.

We are seeking early TRL (1-4) innovative technologies within the sub-themes of H₂ energy production, transportation, storage and utilisation:

  • Optimising the Production of Blue Hydrogen - innovation in low carbon hydrogen production with carbon capture and storage. The main innovation gap here involves the separation of H₂ or CO₂ to improve yield and carbon capture.
  • Bulk Hydrogen Transportation – enable effective transportation of renewable energy to utilisation and storage locations. Technology challenges include effective hydrogen carriers (incl. Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers - LOHC) and pipeline repurposing.
  • Long-term Hydrogen Storage – enable intermittent renewable electricity to become a round-the-clock resource on the way to an eventual carbon free grid. This may include identification of potential storage sites across the UK and underground storage.
  • Hydrogen/Hydrogen Carrier Utilisation – applications include power generation for offshore platforms and/or as a transportation fuel for the marine sector.

We aim to match you with the academic expertise and the resource base required to deliver your technology and innovation requirements.

You are invited to submit innovative ideas and concepts involving R&D with a Scottish University as an essential element. Your idea must focus on technologies that will decarbonise offshore operations and help the UK to become the first net zero basin, globally.

Project duration is anticipated to run between six months to a year with direct funding up to £100k available to support the necessary R&D delivered by the selected university department in collaboration with the successful applicants. We will also look to match this funding through developer and/or industry contribution.

Our overarching aim is to support and encourage the development of innovative solutions to the energy transition, with the ambition of a significant number of projects subsequently progressing to our solution centres, national centres, and accelerator programs, where further technical development and industry input can boost the development.

If you have started to develop an idea that you think could make a difference, and you need academic expertise to accelerate its development, then let us know. The deadline for all submissions is Friday 14 May 2021.

Before submitting your idea, please refer to the Call's guidelines here. If you have any questions, please contact

Funding is supported by the Scottish Funding Council, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Government.