Asset Integrity

Maintaining assets that are reaching, or are already operating beyond, the end of their design life is a global challenge for the oil and gas industry. 

We're focused on four key areas which will support our overall goal of reducing asset integrity costs by 50%.

Risk based inspection and data analytics

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to feed in to risk-based inspection (RBI) can improve the accuracy and increase the efficiency of inspection programmes. 

We're looking to reduce integrity management costs by 25%. 

Detection and condition-based monitoring

Using sensor technologies to monitor the condition of your asset in real-time.

We're aiming to increase platform uptime by 10%.

Enhanced inspection techniques

Developing inspection technologies with improved measurements and efficiencies.

We're working to eliminate major incidents and reduce inspection costs by 50%. 

Repair and mitigation solutions

Developing repair and mitigation technologies with improved performance and efficiencies.

With the aim of reducing repair and fabric maintenance backlog by 50%.