Innovative subsurface technology is key to unlocking the remaining 20 billion barrels of oil equivalent in the UK North Sea.

We're focused on three key areas which will support our overall goal - recovering up to 20 billion barrels of UKCS potential resources.

Discover more

This is about providing data access and analytics, accelerating and also reducing the cost of the exploration lifecycle to drive the discovery of economically viable resources. 

We're looking to add 4.1bn boe in prospects and leads by 2035. 

Develop more

This is about reducing subsurface uncertainty and transforming discovered resources into recoverable reserves. 

We're looking to add 5.5bn boe of contingent resources developed by 2035. 

Recover more

This is about improving recovery from our developments, including using automated field management and 4D seismic to improve displacement, sweep, stimulation and drainage.

We're looking to add 2.1bn boe additional recovery from existing fields by 2035.