Reducing well delivery costs by 50% could unlock up to five billion barrels of oil and gas, whilst 78 Gt of CO2 storage potential can only be accessed through wells. The industry needs new technology to make this a reality.

We're focused on four key areas to support our overall goal of reducing well construction costs by 50%, and ensure that wells are enablers and not barriers to the energy transition.

Optimise design

Changing the way we design wells will reduce costs, improve efficiency  and unlock CO2 or hydrogen storage potential.

We're looking to reduce the overall cost by 20% and design wells for the future of the North Sea.

Flawless delivery

Flawless delivery is all about delivering exactly what we planned to reduce the likelihood of surprises.

We're looking to reduce the overall cost by 30%. 

Maximise production

How can we get the most out of our wells, now and in the future? 

We're looking to increase production efficiency and reduce our carbon intensity. 

Optimise abandonment

Decommissioning our wells as efficiently as possible, whilst ensuring long term integrity, and developing abandonment and monitoring solutions suitable for storing CO2

We're looking to achieve a value target of 35% of P&A costs. 

Can you help us achieve our goals?

If you have an idea that fits into one of our Roadmap goals then get in touch - submit your ideas here.