Technology in play, today

We’ve been working across the full spectrum of our technology developers to find innovative solutions that will help to accelerate the oil and gas industry to a net zero future. 

Innovations such as predictive modelling and maintenance, robotics for offshore inspection and wearable technologies to minimise manning levels will be key to supporting this. We’ve already seen many of these through the work of OGTC, including Total E&P and Taurob partnering to develop the world’s first autonomous offshore robot. Capable of reading dials, gauges, and valve positions, while navigating pathways and stairs, it has the potential to transform offshore inspection. Technologies like these will also help us to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

There are also a number of simpler technologies already in play. Infinity’s low-cost actuator safety gauntlet - a simple ‘bullet proof bag’ - provides a replacement for valve actuators. This alone has the potential to reduce cost by a staggering 90% or £300 million to the UK industry. There’s also TRAC and ToolTech’s novel caisson and conductor inspection technology, which removes the need for divers, ROVs and support vessels and could cut costs by well over 75%.

These technologies are ready now. Interested? Get in touch! >>