Thinking big? Think bigger at Ideas Club

OGTC and TechX are driven by a curiosity to innovate - Ideas Club extends this culture to you. 

We want to support the nurturing, development and transformation of new ideas. We would like to create high-potential Cleantech start-ups that will ultimately close the technology gap and gender gap within the UK energy sector. We want to support you. And with you, we want to accelerate the transition to an affordable net zero future.  

Every idea starts with that one single step… step into Ideas Club

TechX Ideas Club is a thriving community where you can ignite concepts, develop business ideas and network like never before. The club will support and inspire female entrepreneurs, female business owners and co-founders – showcasing the benefits of building diverse teams led by female founders. Ideas Club invites you to invest in yourself to unlock your full potential.

  • The club is free for all to join, regardless of age, gender or background
  • Hear from successful entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Energise your idea or create new ideas through workshops and collaboration
  • Gain unprecedented support and guidance on setting up your own company
  • Seize the opportunity to secure a 1:1 expert session with our ‘Idea Energisers’ and our award-winning team
  • Expand your network
  • Receive valuable resources

Our club makes you strong, you make it powerful

Each Ideas Club session will cover something new; from an in-depth look at the current climate of the energy sector and technology gaps, to the basics in setting up a business. It’s an opportunity to stimulate your ideas – be inspired by other female entrepreneurs and break the boundaries. Be the game changer of your own future. 

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Step in to step up – see all upcoming sessions here:

TechX Ideas Club 05: Idea generation part two - curiosity driven

9 June 2021, 13:00 to 14:00

The second of a two-part workshop, Alison Gray, founder of Skillfluence, will deliver a turbocharged exploration of how to innovate with confidence and practise creative thinking techniques you can use to generate commercial ideas. Using a linked series of ‘serious play’ idea generation activities, we’ll help you to connect the dots between problems, solutions and testing commercial viability.

By the end of the session you’ll the foundation of a toolkit for idea generation, concept development and creativity techniques to drive innovation.