Want to turn your great idea into a business?

Want to help solve global climate challenges in the energy sector?

This is the place to start. 

In order to accelerate the energy transition to net zero, we need to see rapid increase in the cleantech start-up pipeline. TechX Ideas Club is a free, virtual and supportive community with one sole aim: to build more high performing technology start-ups with diversity at their core.

Why is diversity important?

Because diverse teams perform better, grow faster, attract more talent and return more on investment. These are the sort of teams we require to deliver net zero

Want to run or be part of a technology start-up company? 

This is your opportunity to follow your dreams and tackle real world problems. Ideas are not required to take part, but if you have one, even better. Our Ideas Club is open to all and designed to help you create new ideas, validate and de-risk them, and start to build a credible technology start-up company.

Each month the Ideas Club will provide bite-size masterclasses, workshops, inspirational speakers, networking opportunities and signpost to the support you need. You’ll also get access to an exclusive online forum to continue your development and journey.

Our net zero future starts with you!

When you are ready, you can then apply to our accelerator programmes to grow your business. Find out more about our new virtual and flexible accelerator: TechX Unlimited, launching in 2021. 

Ideas Club 02 - "Work/life balance as an entrepreneur? You must be kidding!"

With Danielle Macleod, Co-founder of Remarkable Women
Tuesday 1 December, 13:00-14:30

"You have heard all the stories about what it's like as a fledgling entrepreneur. Working all the hours, running around like a crazy person. They're true At least they are if you don't try a different way."

Join Danielle as she shares the difference between her first and second business. Find out what the single sentence is that you need to hold in your mind every day as you start on your entrepreneurial journey - and why relying on willpower simply won't cut it.